Rugged Ready | Best In The Desert 2020 Class Champions

Rugged Ready | Best In The Desert 2020 Class Champions

When it comes down to who truly is the best in the desert, Team Rugged came through with many podiums throughout 2020, and ultimately, championship wins in multiple classes. From the young guns to the seasoned vets, the winners proved to be Rugged Ready. With the 2021 Best In The Desert season kicking off this weekend, we wanted to take a look back at some of members of Team Rugged, and celebrate their success. 

Chaden Zane Minder dominated the podium all season, ending up 1st overall in the UTV Youth 250 class. We caught up with Chaden to see how he keeps his cool during the mayhem of racing season. Being able to count on his family, having a good time racing, and keeping his radio communications dialed are all keys to his success. 

“Rugged radios always keeps my line of communication with my spotter open and clear. I never have to worry about what’s going on around me because I know I can stay in touch.” Chaden knows that communication is key.


SS-RDH Single Seat Kit w/ Digital Handheld Features:

  • Durable design, race tested and proven
  • Crystal clear two-way communication
  • Easily transmit via steering wheel Push-To-Talk (PTT)
  • Helmet Kit equipped with 3.5mm jack for Ear Buds
  • Works well with our Crew Chief/Spotter Kits


    Seth Quintero has been on a hot streak, grabbing podium wins left and right, including overall 1st place in UTV Production Pro class. At the time of writing this post, Seth is at the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia ripping through the desert with our Rugged helmet air pumper and comms.

    Felicia Webb from Team Pink proved throughout the series that offroad racing requires perseverance, and great communication.

    During the iconic Vegas to Reno race, Felicia experienced a suspension issue with her bike right off the starting line. 

    “I was able to call ahead to my pit so tools were ready, thanks to Rugged Radios! After the first pit, we were steady swapping between our riders, between pit 9 and 10, and I was on the bike and able to track down 1st place, where I ended my race for the day and my teammates took it to the finish. This was the turning point for Team Pink for 2020.”

    “…we won Vegas to Reno by 9 minutes over the course of 500 miles, with the ability to let our pit crew know the issues on the bike prior to the pit stop makes all of the difference when it comes down to just 9 minutes!”

    Moto Max Kit w/ V3 Handheld Features:

    • Convenient and clear communication
    • Handlebar Push-To-Talk (PTT)
    • Helmet communications
    • Powerful 2-way handheld radio

    Dustin “Battleaxe” Jones of S3 Racing has been racing the Best In The Desert series since 2015, and snagged podiums at almost every race this season! He’s been fortunate enough to win some of the biggest races in the country including The Mint 400 and UTV World Championship, and realized early on that good communication is one of the most important aspects of long distance offroad racing.

    “Everything from radioing our pits to have a spare tire ready when we have a flat, to updating us on our current race position to adapt our pit strategy. S3 Racing has trusted Rugged Radios since the beginning and our solid communications have been a key part of our success over the years.”

    With the 2021 Best In The Desert season kicking off, we wish all of Team Rugged the best of luck!

    RRP6100 Race Intercom Features:

    • Durable design, field tested and race proven
    • Reliable and clear driver to co-driver communication
    • Driver isolate switch for 100% focus
    • Independent driver/co-driver volume controls
    • GPS, Satellite Phone, Smart Phone, GoPro ready
    • Digital Speech Processor (DSP) compatible 

    RRP696 Recreation Intercom Features:
    • Durable design, field tested and approved
    • Reliable and clear in-car communication
    • Bluetooth music, cell, and GPS with easy controls
    • Voice activation (VOX) lowers music volume during conversation
    • GPS, Satellite Phone, Smart Phone, GoPro ready
    • 2-4 person ready and expandable up to 8 people

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