GMRS Mobile Radios

Rugged Radios long distance GMRS mobile radios

Upgrade your communication capabilities with GMRS mobile radios! Featuring extended range and crystal-clear audio transmission, these high-performance devices are designed for outdoor adventures and provide reliable connectivity during emergency situations.

Perfect for Jeeps, Toyota Tacomas, recreational UTVs, side-by-sides (SxS), and any general purpose communications. Our GMRS mobile radios are walkie talkie compatible and easy to use. The included GMRS channels talk to all other GMRS and FRS radios from other manufacturers including Motorola, Midland, Uniden, and many more. Choose between several models and get the size and power you need. Our kits feature the necessary antenna, hand mic, and coax cable to get you talking right away! Powerful amplifiers, streamlined circuits, and efficient receivers, make Rugged GMRS mobile 2-way radios the optimal choice for Business, Offroad, Racing, RV Travel, Overland, and Adventure.