Rugged Radios Contingency for 2024

Rugged Radios is pleased to offer contingency for select racing series to anyone using Rugged Radios products and meet a few requirements. Contingency is offered in the form of store credit and is redeemable through Rugged Radios only, on Rugged Radios branded products. No cash value. Non-transferable.


  • Rugged Radios product must be in use on the race vehicle (Min. 1 product)
  • Race vehicle must display official Rugged Radios decals
  • One decal on each side of vehicle in visible location
  • Decal cannot be modified or covered in any way
  • Must have decals on vehicle during tech and contingency
  • Must have decals on vehicle during the entire race
  • Minimum (5) entries per class must compete
  • No competitor decals displayed on race car
  • Must submit contingency claim online for each race within 30 days after the race day
  • New decals will be provided if needed - please email

Contingency Awards

Awards are available for 1st, 2nd,
and 3rd place for the following races.

1st - $250
2nd - $150
3rd - $75

Best in the Desert
Legacy Racing
Ultra 4
Unltd. Off-Road Racing

Awards for 1st Place

Awards available for 1st place
only for the following races.

1st - $100

Champ Off-Road
Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
MAO (MidAmerica Outdoors)
NorCal Rock Race