Rugged Ready | Blake Wilkey KOH Class 11 Stock Bug 1st Place

Rugged Ready | Blake Wilkey KOH Class 11 Stock Bug 1st Place

When it comes to high-action slug bug mayhem, Blake Wilkey is no stranger, snagging multiple podiums in 2020. With King of the Hammers underway, Blake wasted no time picking up his first victory of 2021!

The Class 11 stock bug race was a land-rush start and nothing short of high intensity. When the 15 competitors took off it was like bumper cars, as everyone pin-balled into the first corner.

Communication between Blake, his co-driver Kevin, and their pits was crucial! Using a Rugged Radios complete communication system, featuring an intercom, radio, and helmet kits, their comms were race-ready.

Blake’s co-driver helped keep him calm throughout the race - using their intercom and helmet kits to keep the conversation going.

Hitting their marks and knowing where they stacked up lap after lap proved critical. Being able to receive times and positioning from their pit drastically helped keep the car together during the race.

When they gained the lead and second place was having issues, their pit crew alerted Blake and Kevin, and just like that a new strategy took place to bring home their first ever King of the Hammers Class 11 win!

“Rugged Radios played a vital roll in many ways for us to achieve this win and the other 4 wins in the past 5 races in the Slug Shark!” -Blake Wilkey

Watch out for Blake and team - 2021 is going to be a big year!

Photo courtesy of Get Some Photo.


RRP6100 Race Intercom Features:

  • Durable design, field tested and race proven
  • Reliable and clear driver to co-driver communication
  • Driver isolate switch for 100% focus
  • Independent driver/co-driver volume controls
  • GPS, Satellite Phone, Smart Phone, GoPro ready
  • Digital Speech Processor (DSP) compatible 

RRP696 Recreation Intercom Features:
  • Durable design, field tested and approved
  • Reliable and clear in-car communication
  • Bluetooth music, cell, and GPS with easy controls
  • Voice activation (VOX) lowers music volume during conversation
  • GPS, Satellite Phone, Smart Phone, GoPro ready
  • 2-4 person ready and expandable up to 8 people

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Blake Wilkey
Blake Wilkey

Thank you guys for the write up and support! Communication again is so key to a smooth race or at least smoothing out a race if issues arise. Another win for all parties involved cheers!

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