7 Ft Antenna Coax Cable Kit with BNC Connector for handheld radios - by Rugged Radios

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Add an external antenna to your handheld radio using this antenna cable with BNC connector!  This cable allows you to connect to virtually any handheld using a BNC adapter, sold separately.

Specially designed for racing, this antenna cable offers convenient quick disconnection from a handheld radio and threaded, replaceable components for quick and easy field servicing.

The bulkhead NMO features a unique threaded connection, allowing easy replacement of the antenna cable or NMO bulkhead mount without replacing the entire assembly. Simply unscrew the race cable from the NMO bulkhead and replace either the cable or bulkhead mount as needed.

With the built-in BNC connection, this cable allows you to connect to virtually any handheld using a BNC adapter, sold separately. Shop our BNC adapters for popular radios including the V3 Handheld Radio, RDH16 Digital Handheld, Motorola, Vertex, and many more!

Featuring easy servicing, durable design, and race proven performance, the NMO-RACE-BNC is the ideal solution for racing and anyone seeking the most versatile antenna setup.


  • Threaded replaceable cable
  • Threaded replaceable 5/8" NMO Bulkhead Adapter
  • 7 feet of RF shielded RG-58 Cable
  • BNC connection
  • Nickel-plated brass NMO mount protects against corrosion
  • Tinned Copper Braid 95%, solid insulation, stranded tinned copper center conductor
  • Requires mounting tab no thicker than 1/8"
  • UHF Male Connector
  • Replacement bulkhead adapter here

Antenna not included.

Performance properties chart