Ascent Carbon Brace

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The Meru ASCENT is SFI 38.1 approved. The Ascent Carbon is the newest technology in the head and neck restraint market.The device applies the industry changing Inertia Dampening System(IDS) to drastically reduce forces without giving up neck safety.

The Ascent Carbon Brace is a full carbon head and neck restraint with stainless and aluminum hardware. A hydraulic shock absorber is built into the backplate of the device to help dampen head movement throughout the entire length of impact.


  • Hollow Carbon Fiber Collar with non-slip belt grips
  • Custom molded honeycomb infill padding with Nomex wrapped padding covers
  • Oversized for maximum protection
  • Honeycomb pattern allows pad to remain firm enough to maintain car-feel but enough give for comfort.
  • Magnetic Locating Helmet Anchors
  • Fire resistant Kevlar webbing sliding tether with magnetic blended Stainless steel helmet mounts
  • Hinged collar and headrest design with a hydraulic shock absorber
  • Fully customized CNC’d dampener with proprietary IDS technology featuring speed sensitive valving to maximize both safety and comfort. 
  • Moving headrest allows for universal use in all seating positions. 
  • Reduces the force through the head on the Z axis to 53G’s in a 70G impact.
  • Hundreds of lbs under the SFI upper neck tension threshold.
  • Works with all seating positions
  • Weighs about 2 pounds


  • All braces come with hardware and and 12" tether*
  • Helmet mounts
  • Carrying case

* It is important to minimize the space in between the helmet and the brace in order to maximize performance. 13" and 14" tether options available.