Digital Speech Processor (DSP) *Quantity 2 Required for RRP6100 Intercom*

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NOTE: Due to independent circuitry, the RRP6100 requires TWO DSP chips.

Is your car too loud? Rugged DSP (Digital Speech Processor) eliminates background noise while re-sampling your voice, delivering clear voice communications.

When wind or motor noise is a big problem in your offroad race car, prerunner, sandcar, or offshore boat, the DSP goes to work sampling the noise and filtering your voice for clear effortless communications. Easy to install and easy to hear, DSP is the future in clear communications.

The Digital Speech Processor (DSP Chip) is an optional accessory for all Rugged Radios Off-Road Intercoms. (not compatible with Aviation/Industrial intercoms)


  • Simple plug in design
  • Reduced wind noise disturbance
  • Adapts to changing background noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy self-installation.

PDF instructions below.

  • Due to independent circuitry, the RRP6100 requires TWO DSP chips. Due to the complex circuitry, we STRONGLY advise having Rugged Radios install the DSP in your 6100 intercom. If you already have a 6100 Intercom, please contact us to make arrangements to ship the intercom here for installation. If you are ordering a 6100 intercom with your DSP, we will install it prior to shipment.
  • The DSP is NOT currently compatible with the RRP660PLUS, RRP696, RRP696+, or WM2-FP6 Bluetooth Faceplate.