GO FURTHER BUNDLE - for V3 and RH5R Handheld Radios - Long Range Antenna , XL Battery , and USB Charging Cable

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Take your V3 or RH5R handheld to a whole new level with the Go Further Bundle! Double your battery life, extend your range by 30%, and never run out of juice with the USB charging cable! 

The long-range dual-band ducky antenna increases your transmit distance by 30% - maximizing the performance of your handheld radio!

High capacity 3800mAh battery for Rugged Radios V3 and RH-5R handheld radios provides double the battery life of the standard battery. It's the perfect compliment to your radio as a spare, backup, or for race events where extended battery life is critical. 

Convenient USB charging cable allows you to charge your handheld radio from any standard USB charging port. Plugs directly into your V3 Handheld Radio charging port for convenient, on-the-go power. 


  • Dual Band Ducky Antenna
  • High Capacity Battery (3800mAh)
  • USB Charging Cable


Compatible with the Rugged Radios V3 and RH-5R handheld radio. Radio not included.