HIGH PERFORMANCE Filter Kit for MAC Air Helmet Pumper

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Born from the demands of the endless silt beds of the Baja 1000, the 3-Stage High-Performance Filter Kit is built for extreme dust, dirt, and ultra fine silt particulates for the ultimate in filtration.

• 6.5 feet of filtering media (18% more than conventional filters)
• Deeper pleats provide more surface area for trapping particulates
• Heavy-grade interior wire mesh blocks larger particles
• Open cell intermediate foam filter provides another layer of protection
• Outer micron pre-filter prevents most particulates from getting in the airflow
• Intermediate and outer pre-filter extend the life of your paper filter

The paper filter is not washable or reusable. When dirty, simply replace the paper filter and wash and reuse the intermediate and pre-filter. Consider buying in BULK with HUGE SAVINGS.

Together, the paper filter, intermediate foam filter, and micron pre-filter are a 3-stage defense against dust, dirt, and silt. Keep the dust out and keep the air flowing.

Each Kit Includes
• High performance micron paper filter
• Washable foam intermediate filter
• Washable pre-filter