Honda Talon Mount for M1 / RM45 / RM60 / GMR45 Radio with Switch Holes


The Honda Talon mount provides a simple and clean installation for your Rugged Radios two-way radio and (4) rocker switches. 

Installation is easy!  

  • Cut around the edge of the upper compartment in the dash and pull it out.
  • Load the two-way radio into the mount and then slide it into the opening. 
  • Secure the mount in place with the 6 provided screws.  
  • It’s really that simple!

Mount works with:

2019+ Honda Talon R, Talon X,  2 and 4 seat models 

  • M1 Mobile Radio
  • G1 Mobile Radio
  • RM45 Mobile Radio
  • RM60 Mobile Radio
  • GMR45 Mobile Radio
  • RRP362 Intercom
  • RRP660 Intercom
  • RRP660 PLUS Intercom
  • RRP696 Intercom
  • RRP696 PLUS Intercom
  • RRP696 PLUS Remote Head
  • RRP STX Stereo Intercom
  • RRP5050 Intercom
  • RRP6100 Intercom


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